AD Converter

Giga Sampler
An AD converter that converts very-high-frequency analog signal at ultrahigh speed of 24Gsps (24 billion times/second) to digital signals. Has a wide sampling band of up to 24GHz and is compact. Is used to convert observation radio waves in radio astronomy to digital signals.
Giga Sampler


In radio astronomy observations, AD converters are used to digitize the radio waves received from radio stars, performing digital signal processing to obtain the necessary observation results. To obtain even a small increase in sensitivity to nearly imperceptible radio waves, it is necessary to perform observations over a wide bandwidth. To this end, the ultrahigh-speed AD converter is capable of sampling at frequencies of up to 24GHz. In addition, as radio astronomy observations need to store radio wave phase information precisely, it is desirable for the AD converter to exhibit extremely little sampling jitter (fluctuation) during A/D conversion. This device’s most important characteristic is that it enables direct RF/IF sampling. As the analog input bandwidth to the ADC is high, analog frequency converters and optical analog transmission are unnecessary, sharply reducing device installation and maintenance costs. Device configuration comprises an ADC sampling module, DSP and other functional modules. Two types are available so the device can be divided into modules: an integrated type and a separable type. In addition, a variety of ADC module and DSP module types can be selected, ensuring optimal functionality to meet the customer’s needs.


  • Wide variation of sampling module from 16Gsps x 3bit to 2Gsps x 12bit.
  • Reduce system cost by RF Direct sampling up to 26GHz. No need of frequency conversion.
  • Signal processing for: fourier transform, frequency conversion, filter, correlator, demodulation etc.
  • FPGA signal processing can be developed by user.
  • You can do signal processing using Compact Sampler by transferring the sampling data via optical fiber to the Sampler with signal processor.
  • Optional Web-base GUI software made possible the integrative control of signal analysis solution, such as data-recorder and sampler, via Web browser.


Sampling Module
  • 2Gsps×12bit BW18GHz
  • 4Gsps×10bit BW18GHz
  • 10Gsps×4bit BW18GHz
  • 16Gsps×3bit BW26GHz
Signal Processing
  • Fourier transform(window function:hanning / blackman /user custom)
  • Frequency conversion and filter (Digital Baseband Converter)
  • Correlator(auto/cross/delay compensation /fringe rotation/fractional delay[∆W])
Data Output
  • 1/10/40/100Gbit Ethernet
  • Compatible with a wide variety of stream protocol
Integrated GUI Software
  • Integrated device control such as sampler, data recorder and correlator
  • Displays recorded data spectrum and quantization bit distribution
  • Sampler(Signal Processing )4U EIA19inch rack
  • Sampler(without Signal Processing) 1U EIA19inch rack
  • AC100 to 240V

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