Integrated GUI Software
This is Web-based GUI software for managing and controlling samplers and storage devices.
Integrated GUI Software


We have developed integrated GUI software to enable the integrated management and control of our radio wave observation instrument series. The sampler and storage device can be visually operated from the screen, so there is no need to remember the commands for controlling individual devices, reducing the burden on the customer. Also, the software is Web-based, so it can be used with a Web-browser; there is no need to worry about OS or device dependence. In addition to device management and control, the software has the functionality to analyze the data recorded in storage, so users can confirm the spectrum and bit distribution of observation data on the spot.


  • GUI software that enables integrated control and monitoring of sampler and storage
    → No need for customers to develop separate software
    → Other companies' products can also be integrated with GUI software, if desired
  • Possible to read in VEX and other schedule files and control devices
  • Not OS or device dependent; GUI software can be operated from a Web browser
  • Data recorded in storage can be analyzed easily (spectrum and bit distribution)

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